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 и,и?Ը,иѵļҺ ¹оԱ֣״̬£ͼƸѧ֪ʶ;˯״̬£׽ϢиWhatever the size, the sentiments remain the same, says Chris Deegan. "It's about showing which team you support, and also a statement of national pride."12 .Which of the sentences below best expresses the essential inion in the highlighted sentence in the passage? Incorrect choices change the meaning in important ways or leave out essential inion.иȻʱֻһƽʱ䣬һЩȽѻ鷳ĿͲַʵϢ⣬ʱܻһЩԱȽ׶λʵϢ⣬ӼԼı⣬ԿһЩʱиcontain invite invoice tiny - very swift very strong very small very sharp veryи£һ䣬ڶͳnowʽcould take holdtake holdһҪ֪takeĩи?Ըlimps away, lure, pretense, leaps into etc.ҽ˫ط񶨣not fail to, not illegal, not uncommon, not unavailable ˫طӢоõı﷽ʽƽʱĶԻõĺ٣˫ط񶨵İվԵرҪγиѵļҺ

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